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My Treatment Philosophy and Approach

Ursula Ridens

I’m a big believer in being curious and not critical. There are often so many critical voices in our own heads and surrounding us in our lives. It truly can be life changing when we learn to pause or tune out the criticism and instead embark on a journey of curiosity. I often practice staying in a curious place with my clients, which opens opportunity for discovery, clarity, growth, and self-efficacy.

I provide weight-inclusive care and have a passion for using and teaching clients about mindful eating and meaningful movement (AKA exercise – a term that we often explore and reframe in sessions due to clients’ past negative experiences with exercise) with an emphasis on abandoning the diet mentality that is so pervasive in our culture and making positive change from a weight-neutral place.

My approach embraces non-diet, all-foods-fit, Health At Every Size (HAES®), and intuitive eating philosophies. In using these philosophies we can more easily attune to body signals rather than ignore or tune them out. Join me in learning to notice, understand, and respond to body cues, symptoms, and experiences (appetite, food cravings, thirst, energy level, physical pain, emotions, stressors, etc.) in a way that leads to newfound confidence and supports both physical and mental health.

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