About Nutrition Therapy

Participating in nutrition therapy is a unique opportunity for you to discover the reasons behind your eating style and patterns, explore alternatives to your current choices, and learn how to gently change eating and exercise behaviors based on what’s meaningful to you.  By practicing positive self-care you can improve self-confidence and boost your wellness.

Ursula’s realistic approach to nutrition therapy is refreshing.  She attunes to the entire you during the process of nutrition education and counseling.  Each person is in a different stage of readiness when they walk into her office…and that’s okay.  She’s ready to support you on your journey.

Integrating mindful eating into nutrition therapy is essential in helping clients choose goals that are right for their body and mind.  Mindful eating is often misunderstood and interpreted as “eating whatever I want.”  Mindful eating and movement involve:

  • Listening to and respecting your body’s physical hunger and fullness cues
  • Identifying and responding appropriately to emotional or “head” hunger
  • Understanding your body’s nutritional needs
  • Choosing physical activity that works in harmony with your body and mind

Nutrition therapy is evidence-based and uses the latest research combined with practical tools to treat many conditions.  While Ursula’s specialties are eating disorders and body image concerns she also has experience in the areas of:

  • Digestive health
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease

All sessions are held virtually from the comfort of your own space.

Contact Ursula to see if her mindful eating, non-diet approach is the right fit for you.

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