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Personal Nuggets

I’m excited to share my passion for eating flexibly and body appreciation. I find the secret to enjoying food is not worrying about my body so I can truly listen to what it needs.

I grew up with my mom cooking nearly all home-cooked meals that were delicious. This really sparked my interest in cooking and the joy I receive from creating dishes in the kitchen (although, admittedly, not all of then turn out as I hoped they would). I often thought there was no way I could live up to making meals as amazing as my mom’s meals. But I found my way to my own cooking style and preferences (through lots of trial and error) and especially love experimenting with new recipes.

Like many of you, I have encountered chronic health issues and life challenges. As with cooking, there has been a lot of trial and error and mistake-making. But, hey, that’s how we learn and discover opportunities to do things differently and better. Living my best life, achieving work-life balance, and navigating various stressors is a work in progress as I imagine it is for each of you.

As a child I was a gymnast and horse enthusiast. I love animals and while I didn’t live on a farm I grew up with dogs, a cat, a horse, ducks, birds, a goose, Angora rabbits, a turtle, a hamster, and fish.

I’m blessed to be married to a supportive husband. We have 2 kids (well, one is an adult now!) and 1 dog (Maverick, a Belgian Malinois). Life is busy and full of chaos at times and fun. Born and raised in Southern California, I enjoy spending time outdoors – at the beach or bay, paddle boarding, boating, off-roading, traveling to Mexico, and gardening (my secret desire is to mow lawns for a living!).

I look forward to getting to know a bit about you!

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